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Previous events 

Sunday 9 September

Russell Sharon and Tom Rauffenbar 

In Conversation with Doneley Meris

Monday 10 September

Judy Glantzman and Russell Sharon

In  Conversation with Gracie Mansion

Monday 17 September

Marion Scemama Screening

"Rushes from Death" 


Monday 29 October

John Reed, Hugh Ryan, and Sur Rodney Sur

In Conversation with Doneley Meris


Monday 19 November

Doneley Meris In Conversation with

DanCameron and Stephen Lack 

Monday 10 December

Hal Bromm in Conversation with Cindy Carr,

Jean Foos and Manuela Filiaci

Monday 17 December

Carlo McCormick In Conversation with

James  Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook

Sunday 25 November 

Open to Hope Friends and Grieving 

Episode: 148

Wednesday 28 November 

Open to Hope Preserving Art Legacies After Loss

Episode: 149 

March 10

Open to Hope Aids and Grief


May 7  

Open to Hope Diversity and Grief  With

Doneley Meris And Dr. Heidi Horsley

Thursday 9 May

Panel Discussion: Keith Haring

October 27

Open to Hope The Healing Power of Art

Episode: 54 

October 25

Open to Hope Sibling Bereavement: Supporting Domestic Partners

Episode: 55

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